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Why The Fallen?


Here you can find our continually growing list of really touching testimonies from people that have read our book.

If you have read Why The Fallen? and would like to let us know what you thought, you can email us at 

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why the fallen book

Hailey S.

From the moment I recieved my copy of 'Why The Fallen?' I was restless until I had read every last word, analogy and anecdote written by Zac and Jane.

To say it was enthralling wouldn't do it justice. The book was an emotional, heart-rending, brutal eye opener to just how destructive substance abuse can be, not only to the user but to everyone around them and how easily it is to go from social usage to continual poor choices ultimately leading to dangerous situations and in Zac's case, a prison sentence.

A genuine story people can relate to and indispensably need to hear - it will make you think twice about drink driving, or allowing a friend to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An incredibly important message for all, especially teenagers and young adults.

Although 'Why The Fallen?' Is Jane and Zac's first book, the way these two truly talented authors tell their harrowing story perfectly captures and portrays the raw emotion, the good, the bad and the unquestioning love between a beautiful mother and son. The distinctive disposition of their passages creates a unique dynamic and was incredibly captivating, I couldn't put the book down.

I can guarantee that anyone, of any age, who reads their book will be moved and able to take something from the powerful message they share.

Michelle G.

Just over a year ago I listened to a story on my favorite podcast, Narelle Fraser Interviews.

A story about a determined and loving mother and her out of control son.

Drugs, alcohol and speed ended up with Zac crashing the car and bursting into flames. Without a passerby with a fire extinguisher on board and putting out the flames, Zac and his 4 passengers may very well have perished that fateful December night in 2017.

I listened, riveted to the podcast.

Afterwards, I was drawn to contact Jane.

To show support and my belief that Zac would emerge from his lengthy prison sentence changed for the better.

This contact sparked a friendship where each of us, who could talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles, would chat on the phone planning a meet up.

This eventuated in March this year where I finally was able to hug Jane and Zac in person. And Geoff too.

What a beautiful night!

I was instantly touched by how warm and genuine mother and son are.

I felt like I had known Jane for years, and Zac had the hugs of a favorite nephew.

I just finished reading their co written book.

Pretty much in one sitting.

The light in my lounge room went from morning sun to early evening, warranting turning on the lamp as I devoured the chapters.

I am so very proud of my brave friends. This book is incredible. So powerful. So brave. Raw, emotional, brutally honest and yet beautiful and endearing at the same time.

The first picture here is the cover of their amazing book.

The black and white photo is Jane and Zac this year.

That second photo absolutely brought me to tears as I read the last few pages continually wiping my eyes.

Well done. My darling friends.

Your truth laid bare and brave honesty are already changing lives.

Anyone who wants to buy this brilliant book, head to the website. You will not be disappointed.

Cover of why the fallen?
Zac Jones and Janes Jones Why the Fallen

You Choose Youth Road Saftey

We at YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety are honoured to call Zac and Jane Jones our friends.

A more loving, resilient, talented and service-oriented son/mother combination, you will never meet.

We met Jane while Zac was in prison doing time as a result of his long list of horrible choices which culminated in a horror car crash. Zac and Jane's long journey from the depths of desolation to providing an incandescent, shining light of inspiration to teens and their families is the very definition of awesome. We are in awe of them both. You will be too, when you read their book - 'Why The Fallen'.

Why The Fallen is so much more than a book. It is a concept that makes both Zac and Jane impactful, powerful speakers and social influencers who can uplift teens to reflect on what really matters; and who can prove to exhausted, heartbroken parents that the power of love can - indeed - conquer all.

Zac and Jane personify the YOU CHOOSE mission philosophies of LOVE, FAMILY and the EMPOWERMENT of CHOICE.

We so look forward to what the future holds for these incredible Australians. They may never know all the lives they change.

But in us....they know two....

Link to You Choose Youth Road Saftey Here:

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Zoe W.

To say I was captivated would be an understatement! ‘Why the Fallen?’ is not just a story of responsibility, recovery and redemption as the cover would make you believe, it is harrowing, it is heart breaking, it is confronting, but most importantly, it is relatable!

It’s encompasses the undeniable love of a mother, the heart breaking and brutal honest truth of loving someone addicted to substances.

The destructive pathways of substance abuse, the consequences of your actions, both good and bad, and how ANYONE can become a victim of domestic violence!

I was absolutely enthralled by this book from page 1 and could not rest until I had read every last word written in it! It’s a page turner, it’s a tear jerker and it draws you in to a world that I hope you never have to experience! But most importantly, it’s brutal, it’s honest and it sends a message that almost everyone needs to hear!

why the fallen book
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Kerrie Atherton
Stories of Hope Australia

HOPE after addictions

One fateful night Zac Jones got behind the wheel of his car high on drugs and alcohol. He crashed leaving himself and his 4 mates critically injured. The car exploded. Fortunately a passer by pulled them all out.

Zac was sent to jail for almost 4 years. He had been addicted to substances for years. His mum suffering immensely all that time.

They recently shared their stories for my soon to be released podcast.

Out of prison now and wearing ankle bracelets for another year and now clean and sober, Zac and his mum Jane Jones are determined to share his story wherever they can to help save lives and warn anybody who thinks about getting behind the wheel under the influence.

Link To Stories of Hope Australia Here:

also find the links to Zac and Janes podcasts with Kerrie below

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Narelle F.

This book is a testament to the power of redemption & forgiveness. It encapsulates the unwavering love of a mother who's only son's life choices resulted un a lengthy prison term; a sentence he used to turn his life around which made him realise life was worth living. it is the most powerful personal story I have ever read.

Link to Narelles Facebook Here:

Also below find links to the podcasts Jane And Zac have Done with Narelle below

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Why The Fallen Authors Zac Jones and Jane Jones

Carin H.

So my very good friend at work Zac Jones wrote a book with his Mum Jane, he drove whilst drunk when he was 21 years old, he got jail time, he decided to turn his life around and is now an advocate for young people who have gone off the rails for whatever reason. In the book Zac and his Mum describe how their road ended up resulting in Zac and 4 friends barely surviving a horrific crash that made headline news and being lucky enough to escape with their lives. Any parent will understand that certain life journeys can end up going down this path. Diversity at it's best. I couldn't put this book down. A must for every parent to read.

Rya N.

I just got your precious book Zac Jones . Not finished to read it yet. But the story that you've been writing in this book with your mum is really heart touching. Even tho i only read it for few pages, but it made me feel so gratefull. I've been passed hard situation in my life, but at least i've never been like in your mum's situation. I feel sorry and it was really sad story and really frustrating situation, but i wish she find true happiness with you and with all people that she trully love and being loved by them as well for the rest of her life.

And thank you for the short message that you wrote for me. it's so lovely.

I hope you and your mum get along together continuing your journey to become "the best of life motivator author". And i wish whatever you've dreamed come true! Xxx

Signed Copy Of Why The Fallen
Kate Gale copy of Why The Fallen

Kate G.

I knew from the moment I heard about this book that I wanted to read it!

I have ridden the journey of publishing this book alongside Jane and Zac from very early on in the process and after finishing reading it I could not be more proud.

What a roller coaster. From a parents point of view I have no idea how Jane kept pushing through, but the courage and determination she shows and shares within these pages is mind blowing. Jane truly shows you how nothing is stronger than a parents love for their child.

Zac bares all. The descriptions of his mindset and drug use will reel you in and will leave you wanting to know more, wanting to know why?

This book will make huge changes in the world of teenage drug abuse, drink driving and reckless behaviour. Zac and Jane share their deepest darkest selves in ‘Why The Fallen’ and they should be super proud. A fantastic read!!!!

‘It’s what you do after the fall that counts!’

Trudi B.

WHY THE FALLEN? By Zac Jones & Jane Jones

Zac - " Just because you don't intend to harm anyone doesn't mean you won't. I'm not here to tell you not to do drugs and drink alcohol: that's your choice. I'm just here to show you where abuse of either combined with reckless behaviour will lead you - and it will lead you to here or to a morgue on a long enough timeline."

Zac & his mum Jane, wrote their individual stories whilst Zac was in prison as the result of hard & destructive living, which ended in a serious car crash, involving Zac & 4 passengers. How no-one died is a miracle.

This book is a powerful read, written from 2 perspectives. Privilege & a good upbringing don't ensure a person makes sensible life choices or have a happy ending.

With a determination to turn his life around whilst in prison, & the unconditional love of his mum, Zac is on a mission, together with Jane, to educate other young people regarding the dangers of drugs, drink & how they impact both the abuser & everyone around them.

Why The Fallen? is relatable to everyone on so many levels. Almost everyone knows someone who is affected by drugs &/or alcohol abuse. Everyone could be one decision away from making a bad choice.

This book is an excellent way of sharing the impact of such choices; however, I believe (personally) that Zac speaking to young people at schools & sharing his story, will bring the greatest awareness & hopefully change. As the handwritten message in the book so meaningfully says “It’s what you do after the fall that counts.”

Wishing Zac & Jane, much happiness & success moving forward.

Why The Fallen Cover_edited_edited.png

Deb J. 

“You both nailed it as I knew you both would because you have both lived it.

A must read for anyone!!

Thank you


Reading Copy Of Why The Fallen?

Ellie G.

Jane and Zac - Wow!! What an amazing read to say the least - your rawness of words brought out the reality that this is no fictional story but a true tale of one hell of a ride for you both and for very different reasons - I look forward to your bright futures and love that you have reconnected in such a powerful way. Get that message out there guys - you are both incredible people Love Ellie


Louise H.

There is something surreal about an author holding a copy of their book in their hands for the very first time. Congratulations Jane and Zac I’m so very proud of them and for everyone who has been behind the scenes supporting, encouraging, cheering, and at times pushing this team. It’s here it’s finally a book resting on shelves.

This is a story that’s raw, honest and needs to be read by parents and teens. It’s a story that could become a reality for so many people. I believe this book will help change lives, I hope it reaches people who need it.

This is a story of a young man’s journey downwards into a dangerous spiral that had consequences that affected so many other people, the worst nightmare for any parent and for any people living within the grip of addiction.

At the risk of giving the ending away I love that this is a story of hope and that today just by living day to day Zac is writing his own sequel in his everyday life. Despite his past Zac is an exceptional young man, he’s articulate, intelligent, with a quick wit whose dealing with his demons and trying to repair and re educate himself.

And Jane, well she is a strong and determined women who despite some big challenges never gave up on her son.

I’m pleased by sharing an author journey I have the privilege of knowing them both.

If you’d like to purchase a book and follow their journey - because it’s quite a trip - and there’s more coming I’m sure.

Here’s the link

How can you help Zac and his project to change attitudes around alcohol, drugs and driving? - buy a book and give it to someone you think would benefit. Imagine If reading their story helps change one attitude and alter the path of a drunk or drugged driver and gets them to seek help??

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Beverly R.

I have just finished your and Zac's book. I couldn't put it down. What a journey you have both been on. Being a mother to two grown boys I could really relate to the unconditional love you have for Zac and how heartbreaking it must have been for you through the years.

I am sure Zac will do wonderful things with his life and be a real change for good for others. Loved seeing the photo at the end of the book of you two together looking so happy.

Sending you both lots of love and happiness. Beverley R xxxx

Theodora T.

This book is a great product to pass on to young people starting to make their own decisions in their lives! The personal sharing by both Zac and his Mum Jane have written Why The Fallen publication, to help both young adults and their parents! Fantastic read! Pass it on!

Kate Gale copy of Why The Fallen

Sharon W.

Last night I finished ‘Why The Fallen?” By Zac Jones and Jane Jones. I had many a late night reading their book as I didn’t want to put it down. You can feel their souls jumping from the pages, in this heartfelt, real and raw look at Zac’s experiences with drug and alcohol abuse, which ended in him going to jail after an horrific car crash. He had four passengers in the car at the time, and thankfully all survived, although when you see the photo of the barely recognisable car, you won’t understand how that was possible.

The book also explains Jane’s perspective as a parent, and it’s heartbreaking. The back and forth between their stories takes you right into their experience, and at some points, it was hard to hold back the tears.

Having met Zac, and spending time with Jane, I can tell you that their courage in writing this story is tremendous. Zac has truly turned his life around and has chosen to speak out in the hope of helping other teens and their families going through similar situations, as well as a warning to young drivers and passengers.

This no holds barred account is a must read for those with kids about to get their license, and a great way to get a conversation started about some of the tough stuff. I’ve already spoken to my boys about not getting into other people’s cars without knowing if they’re sober.

Thank you Zac and Jane for sharing so honestly and openly.


Jenny O.

As I expected, this book is confronting and heartbreaking. I applaud the honesty of Jane and especially Zac as they related not on the tragedy of addiction affecting not only the victim, but the extended family and friends.

Zac's story needs to be told over and over again, to young and old.

I hope Zac can speak to school children and deliver his message and hopefully save others from going down the same path.

Congratulations on your strength and courage to turn your life around by sharing your story.

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