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Jane and Zac on air with Neil Mitchell 3AW

Sharing our story in the hope it prevents others from going through similar experiences is the motivation for co-writing Why the Fallen?

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can kill, or harm innocent people.

Zac is grateful his actions didn’t cost anyone their lives – and he doesn’t want to see anyone else make the same mistakes he has.

Neil Mitchell on Melbourne radio station, 3AW, is someone who has talked about the devastating impact of the road toll and ways to minimise it for years.

We are so thankful he took the time to read a copy of the book he invited us to send to him when we reached out to him with our story – and so incredibly happy with the sensitive, genuinely caring way he handled his interview with us this morning, in a live-to-air chat with both myself and Zac.

I think I sounded a bit nervous – live radio is scary! – but I’ve been blown away by the positive feedback we’ve had so far.

Thanks again to Neil and 3AW and everyone who has reached out to us.

It’s officially book launch day tomorrow – and this interview helped remind us why our story needs to be told.

Neil Mitchell on air with Zac and Jane Jones

find a link to the interview below:

Why the Fallen? book cover

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